Your desire to grow and learn are why I developed this community. I want you to have what you need at your fingertips so that you can confidently use social platforms to market your business without EVER feeling overwhelmed or at a loss for content ideas.


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The THINK TANK Membership includes:

  • Weekly expert training on topics to help move your business forward and growing your audience
  • Powerful resources and materials including Kristin's Social Media Kit Planner
  • A supportive, knowledgeable community of other women entrepreneurs just like yourself
  • Access to our Members Portal Online Library with new lessons added weekly
  • Private Facebook group for members only
  • And much more personal branding strategies shared...

"Thanks to Kristin's guidance, as a new business owner, I went from being afraid of social media and worrying what others would think of my posts, to having the confidence to share my own voice. I now have a much greater knowledge of how to use social media and the power behind it. "

Heather Klick

"I definitely think Kristin has a gift for sharing on social media. Every time I read her posts it seems like it comes so natural for her. I'm ecstatic that she's finally creating this membership for everyone."

Tiffany Brooks

"I am learning so much in the Think Tank course + online community. I have gained so many resources to help me grow on my social media platforms … Kristin's Social Media Kit planner has allowed me to streamline across my platforms and feel more organized than ever before {and that’s just a small piece of it!} "

Jennifer Burkhart

THINK TANK Membership Options

Choose the reoccurring payment option that best fits your budget. All membership options give you access to a private Facebook Group and the Course Content stored in your private online library. All membership options include high-quality information that is organized and delivered in a format that is convenient for you both online and offline. Every week new content and videos are loaded into the course. Note: Course access will be denied once payment is not renewed or upgraded.













I’m honored to bring you ways to strengthen and share your voice as a member of the THINK TANK BY KK community. I truly believe that authenticity is at the heart of success and my talents and favors will help you find confidence in your voice.

Wanna sneak peek at the types of HOW-TO-VIDEOS I release weekly in the course?

This is one of the Before and After Lessons on how to utilize a "Behind the Scenes" post using the right kind of descriptive captions that will relate to your audience on an emotional level.


I could use guidance in this area!


Friends, I've prayed over this course many a nights in preparation to pour all my talents into this THINK TANK membership. I don't want you to purchase this membership and set it aside to look at later, but I want this community and content to become your accountability to do better every week.

This isn’t about “I don’t want to” or “I hate talking about myself.”  This needs to be about what defines you as a small business owner. How you take ownership of your journey and share your social story and add value to your audience using a focused and mixed media approach.

I will not be telling you what to post but rather help you build the skillset so you can authentically share your voice confidently thru captions and graphics. As well as giving you updated insider business advice on the best tools and resources available to use. 

THINK TANK is the ultimate membership that will be your go-to on-going course for all things having to do with your media kit. Think of THINK TANK as the way into Kristin's brain aka 'tank'. How I work, the systems I use, the programs I invest in, etc...

Every month you'll have direct access to my thoughts, caption prep, social layout, and entire media kit from blogs to emails to my ever-popular custom graphics. Most lessons include both a demo video and transcript file so you can learn as best fits your style.

My passion lies in branding and creative design and together with my entrepreneur background I'm confident I can help you move your social presence confidently in the right direction. This membership is designed to help all small business owners in any industry.

*The only pre-requisite to joining is that you must purchase and have finished Branding for Beginners Blueprint Online Course.


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