Hey there! I'm KRISTIN KORN

I help inspire entrepreneurs to share their unique voice and strengthen their personal brand using a focused and intentional media mix strategy within my courses, free content, and my social media channels.

Most weekdays you’ll find me in hustle-mode working from my home office in Kansas... but evenings are reserved for playing with my kiddos and sipping margaritas with friends.


"Kristin has inspired me to find my true self and the step-by-step guidance I needed through this discovery process of "Who am I"? and "What are my values and beliefs?" She created the professional branding I needed and the CONFIDENCE to share my brand with the world."

Jennifer Burkhart
Entrepreneur / School Administrator

"Thank you so much! So very excited for my personal branding! It's amazing when you feel you finally have an identity! It feels great! Thank you for your help. I'm so glad I found you!"

Lizza Streicher

"Kristin's Branding for Beginners Course has helped me guide my business to represent my own brand and purpose. The step by step process was easy, and helped visually develop what my brand looks like. I'm now confident my business has the consistent outward professionalism that I was trying to demonstrate on my own. Trust Kristin Korn, she knows her stuff!"

Daniele Mineck
Entrepreneur / HR Manager

"Kristin’s Branding Course has provided great value to me. I learn something new with every module. And I love the free social media downloads that I use to create my own designs and posts. Kristin provides great tips on how to create my own brand and started with the awesome logos she created for me!"

Linda Edwards
Entrepreneur / Former Realtor

"Thanks to Kristin's guidance, as a new business owner, I went from being afraid of social media and worrying what others would think of my posts, to having the confidence to share my own voice. I now have a much greater knowledge of how to use social media and the power behind it."

Heather Klick

"So grateful for you helping us with our passion. 100% I knew you were the right person for our vision. You know what I always say... you make me believe I can do this!"

Lindsey Purcell
Entrepreneur / Nutritionist

"Thank you so much for being so generous with your talents. You have changed my business and I am forever grateful for your skills. "

Ashley Massi

"Kristin has marketed her business using social media, grown her business by providing excellent customer service and will continue to have long time customers with highly personalized products. She has a saavy business sense and is very customer focused. Her attention to detail is superb."

Kimberly Talley
Special Olympics Director

Personal Branding with Kristin Korn

As you look to build and strengthen your personal brand Kristin's online courses will help you slash the learning curve to help you get there faster and more confidently.


Commit to taking your personal brand and your business to the next level using Kristin's free tips, lessons, downloads and videos found on her Business and Branding blog.


Build a memory structure with your audience about who you are and what value you have to offer. Create a desired perception for your personal brand by using consistent visual language.


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